Beautifully decorated and located in the centre of Amsterdam. It's a safe and drugs-free place.
All major attractions like Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank house, Flower market and Red Light District are within walking distance.

With 20 beds each, the dorms have a very friendly atmosphere. Additionally, our Female dorms have save and quiet location, own bathroom, kitchen, and nice view from the window.

Friendly and multi-language-speaking staff will be glad to answer all your questions and will help you with everything. Our reception area has a TV, free Internet and web-cams, fridge and microwave, food-dispenser. The bathroom has sinks, six toilets and four showers (with soap and shampoo!!), all free and with hot water. Like all other rooms, the bathroom is clean and beautifully decorated.

You can get a free personal locker, the desk can hold valuables overnight in the safe as well, but in general the dorm atmosphere is trusting and relaxed. The desk also provides sheets and towels.

Our hostel is recommended for people between the ages of 16 and 35 years old.